What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the Top Secrets That Designers Employ
  • Discover the Psychology-Based Strategies to Create Artwork Pieces
  • Learn the Top 5 Principles of Graphic Design
  • Learn The Last Design Framework You'll Ever Need
  • Understand How To Create Book Covers That Help You Sell
  • Understand How To Make Powerful YouTube Thumbnails
  • Learn How To Make Podcast Covers/CD Covers/Audiobook Covers
  • Understand the Design Psychology About Making Landing Pages That Convert

Course Description

Up to $100?

You can sell a book cover design for up to $100 dollars.
Heck it could even be up to $300 if you’re really good.

Sound too good to be true? Yep, could be.
But if you could apply all the design strategies taught in this course, and learn the science behind composing a great design, then selling one cover design might really be possible for you.

We’ll be giving you the last design framework you’ll ever need. Apply the methodologies on all your design pieces and keep your clients coming back.

You see, words aren’t enough to sell something.

It is not enough to keep customers and prospects engaged these days. Your storytelling needs to have great visuals and the design strategy should raise your sales.

Neil Patel once said, “Through design and images you can more easily get your message across.”
Why? Because great marketing and visual content go hand-in-hand.

Understand the science of design by learning the psychology behind it and unlock the potential of selling more, engaging more, or just simply getting your golden message across the audience.

Join us as we teach you some of the top secrets that top designers have up in their sleeves, and learn the clever strategies to make sensible and clever designs, and command a reasonable pricing for your work.

See you inside!

Course Content

6 Lessons

Selling By Design – Course Introduction?

Let's discuss about what is really the main purpose of Graphic Design, and how it plays a crucial role into helping solve marketing problems.
Course Introduction00:15:48
About The Instructor00:14:37

Design Sparks: Your Ultimate Design Framework?

Discover the science of graphic design and psychology-based top secrets that are used by top designers. Employ these techniques on almost any type of industry to improve engagement, and eventually, sales!

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  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Who This Course Is For ?

  • Book Cover Designers
  • YouTube Thumbnail Designers
  • Poster Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Virtual Assistants