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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. You will be able to handle your own business page or the business page of your clients and optimize it.
  • 2. You will have confidence to show to you clients that you can create and manage their business page.
  • 3. You will be able to reach your target audience and feed them contents that excites them most.

Course Description

Learn the basic fundamentals in building your first Facebook Business Page. Make it more searchable.
Understand how business page works and how it will profit your business.
Learn and know available tools that will help build your content posts.

Course Content

13 Lessons2h 10m

Benefits of Facebook Business Page To Your Business?

This chapter breaks down how you will be able to grow your business in many ways using the power of Facebook business page.
Benefits of Facebook Business Page4:34

Step By Step Procedure In Building Your First Facebook Business Page?

If you don't know where or how to start create your first business page, this chapter will walk you through on how to do it and make sure it is optimized. Meaning, you have complied with Facebook's terms and agreements, and follow all their suggestions which the video will show you.

Types of Content That You Need To Learn?

When you post content, you are sending information to your audience. They are excited to hear about your business. Make sure you know what types content they really love to consume.

Can I create Captivating Images Without A Photoshop Knowledge??

Is it possible to create stunning images without any background in Photoshop? It is a YES for me. :) You just need to have a willingness to learn.

Where Do you Think You can Create Quick Quality Videos??

Video is very very powerful in marketing nowadays. You might found yourself enjoyed watching videos from other companies or commercials.

How To Share Links Effectively??

Even sharing links has professional ways on how to do it. I say professional because you want your business page looks good in the eyes of your audience.

Here Are The Extra Tools You Can Use For Your Productivity?

Learning these extra tools can be very fun! Don't be afraid to try them! ;)

What Is Social Medi Content Calendar?

One of the hardest thing to do once your Business Page is up and running, is to make content post CONSISTENTLY! Social Media Content Calendar will save you plenty of Time and STRESS.

What Is Creator Studio And How To Use It??

Learn Creator Studio 2021 to maximize its potential when it comes to your content creation and management.

Who Is Your Buyer Persona And How To Know Them Well??

Without knowing your buyer persona, or your target audience, chances are you will get very low engagement from them and you will not be able to deliver them the right content that they've been waiting for.

5 Things You Must Not Do In Your Facebook Business Page?

Let's break down these 5 things that will hurt your social media business accounts. If you think you are doing them, stop right away! :) Trust me, I've been there. :)

How To Grow Your Page Organically??

There are ways you can do to grow your page organically. And there is low competition in these areas as these are not yet maximize by business owners.

Avoid These Bad Habits To Keep Your Business Online Healthy ( Bonus Video)?

There are practices that you need to know on how to take care of your business online. By avoiding these bad habits, you will be able to build your brand's credibility and gain your audience's trust.

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