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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to launch an inbound lead generation campaign from start to finish.
  • Learn the 3-Step Publishing Plan on how to create and publish an eBook from scratch.
  • Learn a proven method on how marketers target the right audience for their clients.
  • Learn the Secret Search Strategy that can make your research easier.
  • Learn how to create marketing funnels that generate leads.
  • Learn a simple and easy way to build landing pages without any coding experience needed.
  • Learn the popular and little-known strategies to promote your marketing campaign.

Course Description

Are you an aspiring VA who loves books? Then, this course is perfect for you.

Learn how to set up a lead generation campaign using premium content. In this case, eBooks. Discover the end-to-end process – from research, to publishing, all the way to set up.

And since lead generation plays an important role in business, it’s one of the most in-demand freelancing niches out there.

This course is packed with strategies and step-by-step guide that is easy to follow for both newbies and veterans, alike.

Course Content

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Module 1 – Intro to Lead Generation?

As a service provider, our client's business' success is our success. That's why in this module, we'll talk about what lead generation is and how it impacts our client's business. I'll also share with you a simple, 3-STEP PUBLISHING PLAN on how you can come up with an eBook, fast.
Module 1 – Intro to Lead Generation11:52

Module 2 – Whom to Write For??

A marketing campaign that talks to the wrong audience is bound to fail, no matter how great it is. That's why, Module 2 is all about market research. Learn the SPECIAL SPY TOOLS that you can use together with the SECRET SEARCH STRATEGY that I'll share with you.

Module 3 – How to Create a Lead Generating eBook?

Module 3 is a detailed, easy to follow guide on how to create the actual eBook. From conceptualization all the way to publishing.

Module 4 – How to set up the lead generation marketing funnel?

Once you have the eBook ready, it's now time to set up your marketing campaign's backend. Learn the complete, detailed process in Module 4.

Module 5 – How to Integrate it Together?

Learn how to integrate your lead magnet campaign to your client's website. Get insider information on alternatives in case your client doesn't have one.

Module 6 – How to Spread the Word?

Learn proven strategies on how to promote your client's lead generation campaign.

About the instructor

Chi Payba-Suarez is an Author, Self-Publisher, and a Work-At-Home Mom (WAHM) certified in both digital and inbound marketing. She has been working from home since 2012 and is a marketing consultant for multiple startup businesses both local and abroad. She has published four books about online careers and is currently giving classes about work-from-home opportunities. She loves reading fan fiction in her downtime.
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Who This Course Is For ?

  • Aspiring virtual assistants and freelancers.
  • Digital marketers who want to specialize into the lead generation niche.
  • Outbound lead gen specialist who want to explore the inbound strategy.